equinITy Referral Scheme - Terms and Conditions

  • The Referral Scheme is valid for all purchases on or after 1st November 2015.
  • Referrers must be current customers of equinITy at the point of purchase by the new customer.
  • The Referred customer must purchase direct from Fine Equinity Limited, not through an Agent.
  • The following rewards are available within the scheme:
Referral Table.png
  • A Full reward is applicable only when no on-site visit is required by staff from Fine Equinity Limited.
  • A Part reward payable when an on-site visit required (demonstration) by staff from Fine Equinity Limited
  • Rewards are paid on each device purchased by the referred customer.
  • There must only be a one referrer per referral (in the event of multiple referrers, the referred customer will elect the successful referrer).
  • Rewards are only valid for purchase of the standard equinITy fully boxed product, and not a part-pack or additional sundry items.
  • No reward is offered on repeat purchases (new customers only).
  • No reward is offered on annual renewals (initial purchase only).
  • No reward is offered on rental options (the rental scheme are only applicable to the UK) or subsequent option to buy (outright purchase only.)
  • A referrer can claim an unlimited number of rewards.
  • Referral rewards are issued 30 days from purchase date.
  • The referral scheme is not open to Fine Equinity Limited Staff or Agents.
  • Fine Equinity Limited reserves the right to alter these terms or withdraw the scheme at any time.
  • In the unlikely event of any disputes regarding referrals, Fine Equinity Limited’s decision is final.

Fine Equinity Limited
December 2015