equinITy Viewer (New for 2016)

We are pleased to announce a brand new way to visualise your equinITy performance data, available at no additional cost to all equinITy customers.

Single Screen Visualisation

The equinITy Viewer allows exercise to be shown and played back in real time with all of the key performance data shown on a single screen.  Designed for operation on a TV/Monitor with no keyboard interaction (after initial login), this tool is perfect for communal areas at yards/stables for post-work analysis with staff and owners.


Comprehensive Analysis

Each exercise displays every aspect of the performance data gathered by equinITy:

  • Horse (Name, Age, Sex and Colour)
  • Rider Name
  • Work Date/Time and Location
  • Per second:
    • Speed (mph, kph and m/s)
    • Heart Rate
    • Stride (Length and s/ps)
    • Split Times (Time, Cumulative Elapsed and Cumulative Remaining)
    • Exercise Summary (Start/Finish Time, Total Time, Recovery Time, Max HR, Weight)

You also have the option to open the full equinITy Web Reporting system for more detailed analysis, including charts, weather, detailed split-time and stride analysis.

How does it work?

3 mouse clicks is all it takes!  Click to add work, click to select the exercise you want to analyse and click the play button to begin the replay.  You then have the option to pause and fast forward/rewind the playback at any time.  

How do I get it?

The installation of the software is managed by equinITy Support, simply email support@fineequinity.com to express your interest and arrange remote installation.

System Requirements

Full HD Display (1920x1080 resolution)
Microsoft Windows 7 or later (English Language)

Dedicated Video Controller (Nvidia or ATI)
Intel Core i5 or better CPU